Commitment in a long distance relationship

Commitment (in a long distance relationship)

Commitment is scary. Long distance relationships are scary. What happens when you meet someone and find out he/she doesn’t live in the same city?! Gosh. PANIC. Some thoughts that went … Continue Reading →

Two year anniversary

Celebrate Long Distance Anniversaries and Birthdays

On February 5, 2014 Adrian celebrated our official two years together! =) Woot woot!!! From Cancun to Vancouver to Singapore to Sydney to Taipei, the past two years have been … Continue Reading →

Taipei Family

Longer Long Distance (New Experiences)

Hello loves!! Sorry for my freakishly long hiatus! Things have been crazy, to say the least. In August 2013 the distance between Adrian and me grew from 6295.65 km (Singapore … Continue Reading →

Birthday cake

My Favourite Birthday To Date

Adrian made my birthday this year so special! Definitely my best to date :) I woke up to Adrian singing Happy Birthday to me with breakfast in bed!! He made … Continue Reading →

Airport reunion

Airport Reunion Fail

Thinking of reunion hugs and kisses at the airport help me through those days that distance gets to me. It’s something I look forward to. As some of you may … Continue Reading →

Long distance relationship lessons

Long Distance Relationship Lessons

Long distance relationship. *deep breath* I never wanted to be in a long distance relationship. I just didn’t think they could work. But after I met Adrian, I just really … Continue Reading →

Love conquers

Distance is an excuse, not a reason

I am so sick and tired of people using distance as a reason for a relationship to not work out. Distance is not a reason; it is an excuse. This … Continue Reading →

homemade pumpkin gnocchi

6 Ways to Pass The Time in a Long Distance Relationship

Sometimes it’s so hard to stay positive when all you want to do is curl in bed and cry about how much you miss your significant other. Adrian and I … Continue Reading →

Q&A day heart

Long Distance Q&A with Vanessa and Adrian

FINALLY!!! Our long distance Q&A video is live!! YAAAAAY! =) Thank you for all your questions! I apologize for looking haggard (it was our last day together and I cried … Continue Reading →

Adrian's birthday presents

Make Every Birthday Better Than The Last

I am big on birthdays! I love mine. I love celebrating others’. I just love birthdays! They’re so much fun!! As some of you know, Adrian was just here in … Continue Reading →